The system consists of aluminium wall brackets and profiles, and is specifically designed for vertical substructures in ventilated facade. Wall brackets are supplied with pre-assembled isolators and with different hole geometries in the base plate (for installing anchors or screws).

Support brackets are designed for bearing the loads coming from the ventilated façade (self and wind load). When needed, the flexible point brackets are used to fix the vertical profiles, holding up the wind loads and allowing the thermal expansion of the profile.

Vertical profiles are connected to the support brackets with specially designed screws for ventilated façade which avoids creating compressing forces from the profile against the wall brackets and keeps the profile connected by the support bracket in place.

Additionally, each profile will be connected to each other through the connector which will be fixed to one of the box profiles to allow the second profile to expand.

Each bracket in combination with the profile will allow an adjustment to align the profile with the wall distance needed along the ventilated façade. With this system and depending on the profile we can have different tolerances to minimize the wall irregularities and install the cladding material as designed.

Wall brackets are available from 80 mm to 300 mm or without isolators from 75 mm to 295 mm, having available this items in steps of 20 mm. The isolator separates the substructure from the base material to reduce the thermal bridge and avoiding future corrosion problems.


  • Only one support bracket per profile needed
  • Profiles up to 4 m length fixed in only one support bracket
  • Support bracket will be fixed only in the slab or the steel beam
  • Different adjustment capability depending on the profile used
  • Pre-assembled isolator
  • The isolator separates the substructure from the base material reducing the thermal bridge
  • Substructures can be designed with PROFIS façade generating technical and economically optimized solutions
  • Time and cost-saving solution due to the simpler and faster installation

Hilti - MFT-S2S Ventilated Facade Installation Video

System downloads

System components


  • MFT-S2S UI M / L
  • MFT-S2S U M / L

Bracket fastener:

  • HUS-HR
  • HRD-H
  • HST-R
  • HSA-R
  • HIT-HY
  • S-MD


  • MFT-S2S TT

Profile fastener:

  • S-AD

Connector fastener:

  • S-MD51LS


  • Adapter plate MFT-S2S U AP L 
  • Adapter plate MFT-S2S UI AP L 
  • Connector MFT-S2S TT PC 
  • Connector MFT-S2S RHS PC

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