The system consists of wall brackets and profiles, and is specifically designed for vertical / horizontal substructures with an additional horizontal profile for overlapping fastening of the panels in ventilated facades.

Wall brackets are supplied with pre-assembled isolators and, according with the method of installation on the base material — anchors, screws or direct fastening — with different hole geometries in the base plate.

Wall brackets are designed with both fixed and flexible points to allow for thermal expansion of the profile. The fixed point takes the weight of the panels and substructure and the proportional wind loads, while the flexible point only assumes the proportional wind loads.

Vertical profiles are connected to the wall brackets with specially designed screws for fixed and flexible points. This allows virtually frictionless movement of the profiles relative to the wall brackets and keeps the profile connected by the fixed point in place. The flexible point makes sure that no additional loads are applied to the substructure by expansion forces exerted by the profile.

Adjustment of the profiles relative to the wall brackets is assisted by a «helping hand». The helping hand keeps the profile in position whilst the profile is being fastened with screws, allowing fast connection to the bracket. With this system, wall tolerances of up to 40 mm can be perfectly compensated. The wall brackets are available in lengths of 40 mm to 270 mm or with isolators from 45 to 275 mm in 30 mm increments each in different sizes. The isolator separates the substructure from the base material to reduce thermal bridging. Bracket lengths over 65 mm come with the isolator pre-assembled, thus saving valuable time.

The profile for overlapping fastening is supplied with elongated holes. Fixed points are created by positioning 2 screws at the ends of the elongated holes, while flexible points use only 1 screw in the middle of the elongated hole.


  • Flexible design using fixed and flexible points
  • Different sizes of brackets
  • 40 mm adjustment capability of the profiles in the wall brackets
  • Brackets can be installed using a range of methods — anchors, screws or direct fastening
  • Pre-assembled isolator from 65 mm bracket length
  • The isolator separates the substructure from the base material to reduce thermal bridging
  • Substructures can be designed with PROFIS Facade to create technically sound, cost-efficient solutions
  • Overlapping fastening of the panels is possible

System downloads

System components


  • MFT-MFI S / M / L
  • MFT-MF S / M / L

Bracket fastener:

  • HUS-HR
  • HRD-H
  • HST-R
  • HSA-R
  • HIT-HY
  • S-MD


  • MFT-L

Profile fastener:

  • S-AD
  • S-MD51LS

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