The system consists of stainless steel wall brackets and profiles, and is specifically designed for vertical substructures in ventilated facades. Wall brackets with an additional isolator pad and fastening hole geometries in the base plate which also the usage of every standard Hilti anchor.

Wall brackets are designed with fix or flexible points to allow for thermal expansion of the profile. The fixed point takes the weight of the panels and substructure and the proportional wind loads, while the flexible point only assumes the proportional wind loads.

Vertical profiles are connected to the wall brackets with specially designed screws for fixed and flexible points. This allows virtually-frictionless sliding of the profiles against the wall brackets and keeps the profile connected by the fixed point in place. The flexible point makes sure that there are no additional loads on the substructure from the profile‚Äôs expansion forces.

The wall brackets are available from 120 mm to 300 mm (20 mm increments), each in two different sizes (large and medium). The isolator pad separates the substructure from the base material to reduce thermal bridging.


  • Flexible design using fixed and flexible points
  • Two different sizes of brackets (large and medium)
  • Bracket length 120 — 300 mm
  • Stainless Steel A4 material
  • 40 mm adjustment capability of the profiles in the wall brackets
  • Brackets can be mounted with every standard Hilti anchor
  • The isolator separates the substructure from the base material to reduce thermal bridging
  • Substructures can be designed with PROFIS Façade to generate technically-sound and economically-optimized solutions

System downloads

System components



Bracket fastener:

  • HUS-HR
  • HRD-H
  • HST-R
  • HSA-R
  • HIT-HY


  • MFT-T
  • MFT-L

Profile fastener:

  • S-AD


  • Isolation MFT-ISO 80×80×6 M (Item number 2081300)
  • Isolation MFT-ISO 80×160×6 L (Item number 2081301)

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