System for use in curtain wall facades with cladding consisting of Hoesch sidings.

The MFT-FOX H / HI bracket is specially designed for use in horizontal / vertical substructures for ventilated curtain wall facades. Vertical alignment of the bracket guarantees optimal load transfer to the supporting material. The brackets are supplied with preassembled isolators. Various base plate hole geometries are available depending on the type of fastening to be used.

In addition, the preassembled connecting screw allows easy, efficient installation of the bracket. Fixed or sliding points are not necessary as thermal expansion of the profile is taken up by the bracket. Installation is thus not only quicker but also more reliable. Incorrectly installed fastening points are therefore a thing of the past.

An additional ribbed washer makes it possible to fasten the brackets in compliance with Eurocode requirements while allowing vertical adjustability (anchor and direct fastening).

A specially designed toothed strip is used as the vertical profile (second layer) for fastening the sidings. The strip supplied features perforations to ensure that the profile can be installed free of forces of constraint relative to the first layer. The fixed points are formed by two stainless steel screws each positioned at the ends of the oblong hole and the sliding points are formed by a stainless-steel screw positioned in the middle of the oblong hole.


  • No longer any need for fixed or sliding points in the first layer
  • No need for brackets of different sizes
  • Bracket lengths of 55 mm to 300 mm in increments of 20 mm always ensure the right length for your facade project
  • Thermal isolation thanks to preassembled isolators (FOX-HI)
  • Up to 40 mm profile adjustment flexibility
  • Preassembled A4 stainless steel screw for fastening the load-bearing profile
  • Complete flexibility regarding wall mounting — fastening with anchors, screws or direct fastening is possible
  • Individual design using the Hilti PROFIS Facade PC application guarantees technically optimized, cost-efficient solutions in accordance with Eurocode

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System components



Bracket fastener:

  • HUS-HR
  • HRD-H
  • HST-R
  • HSA-R
  • HIT-HY
  • S-MD


  • MFT-L

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